By default given ID will be the username and you can easily get the forgotten password by clicking on the Forgot password.

Check internet connection and guide them to refresh/reload the web page.

Allow pop settings on google chrome settings
➢ Click the ellipsis icon (...) in the upper right corner of your web browser, and then click Settings.
➢ In the Advanced settings section, click View advanced settings.
➢ In the Block pop-ups section, click the switch to Off. Pop-ups are now allowed.
When server is down or network connection problem then 404-Error page will be displayed.
Check network connection, if still displays the same error and guide them to use report an issue.
Check for proper format documents or validations.
Once refresh the portal if the same issue arises guide them to use report an issue.
Once refresh the page and enter proper format documents or validations.
In report an issue page image format should be in JPG format.
On service name give right click user manuals will be displayed.
Not down the service name and department name and forward that issue to the next level officer.
Call 1902
After login, left side top there is a tab named Report an Issue. Click on the tab and report the issues regarding software and hardware issues.
UID is otherwise known as Aadhaar number is Unique Identification Number given by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)
Raise an issue under “Report An Issue” so that i can be resolved ASAP.
Software issue will be resolved with in 30 mins. If server side issues means will keep you post?
Amount will be refunded with in 7/10 working days.
Same in the report an Issue tab it will shown. (next implement).
Amount will be refunded with in 7/10 working days.
In department portal click on contact to view contact details of the department.
On the employee login homepage left side we click on received instructions/orders to know the details.
Feel free to call to 1902.
After you submit the information you will have to wait for the next level officers conformation
Find the below link to get the list of procedures covering under Dr YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust along with package rates.

Click download
There is no need of ID Card for sanction of loan under Jagananna Thodu. But ID cards will be given to all Jagananna Thodu beneficiaries to do vending activity without any disturbance from the employees of Local Bodies and Police. The applications for eligible candidates will generate from GSWS portal along with QR code & application number. The welfare Assistant/ Ward Welfare and Development Secretary will take printouts from their GSWS logins. The same printed applications of eligible candidates only will submit to the banks for sanction of loans.
Yes, login credentials are given to all the Bank branches of 7509 for updating the data. The SLBC also communicated all these login credentials to the respective bank branches. Bankers after login into GSWS portal and they can search the applicant details with Aadhar number / Application number and they can update the data easily
The applications of the eligible candidates will be sent to bank branches based on the Service Area of the Banks in Rural areas and where the applicants have Bank accounts in Urban areas, preferably near to the residence of the applicants.

The Municipal Commissioners/MPDOs/ Lead Bank Managers can send the applications duly considering the work load of the bank branches

If opening of new account is needed the respective banks will open the accounts and Volunteers / Community Coordinators/ Village Organisation Assistants/ Resource Persons / Community Organisers / Welfare Assistant / Ward Welfare & Development Secretary / Bank Correspondents will assist in opening of bank accounts.